Labor Day Musings

NOTE: This was originally posted in my old blog

It’s only 7 PM my time and I’m exhausted. I’m not even sure from WHAT. Woke up and cooked M brekkie, went to the store and bought a few things, had lunch, sat in the back of a car to drive 35 mins to Del Mar and walk around for an hour. Shopped, did groceries, cooked dinner, gave M a bath, put her to bed and now I”m typing this.

Here’s what’s for dinner:

I’m doing something called Mina Meals series. This one happens to be organic panko breaded chicken, organic broccoli w parm cheese and heart rice 🙂

More from the series:

I’m not sure what all is exhausting. Maybe just life. I heard of a diet called the Paleo diet which is basically a vegan diet. It is supposed to give you just so much more energy. I’d like more energy without going Vegan. *yawn* that’s all I got.



  1. Your food photos are inspiring. I am having a hard time feeding my toddler. I try to feed him organic food but he would not eat most of it. So, I gave in feeding him store bought pizza.

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