Personality in a Photo

Did I mention that I just got a DSLR camera? That I love photography? I did? Well, too bad because I’m gonna repeat myself.

Since getting my DSLR as a graduation present after finishing nursing school, I have been close to obsessed in taking pictures. My favorite subject seems to be my daughter. I’ve always liked kid photography and I have a few favorites. My first is Rachel Devine, who I’ve followed since  before my daughter was born. She actually just came out with a new ebook called Click! How to Take Gorgeous Pictures of Your Kids and I of course purchased it.

One of the earlier sections there talks about capturing personality instead of a perfectly posed picture. You know, the one almost every parent want.  The child is smiling and looking in the camera, no fidgeting, no smudges on the face.  It’s a great picture but also usually devoid of a personality. Those cutesy pics, for example, will never capture the gregarious, silly, chatty personality of my child. Often times, you look at a posed picture with an impersonal background and you lose sense of what was going on in that child’s life around that time.

Here’s one of my more recent favorite of M. She was playing and just didn’t want to be photographed. Mommy was bugging her! She’s half-hidden but this picture is more reflective of her personality than a posed, poised, eye in the camera picture.

When I look at this picture I will remember instantly that this was taken in one of our excursions.  That she was running in front of a building that lined Orange Ave. in Coronado. That she didn’t want her picture taken, but that I made a game of snapping a pic of her anyway. The result is her impish grin which I LOVE.


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