When You’re Sick

I can only imagine how terrible it would be to be sick without anyone around to take care of you. I think, and correct me if I”m wrong, that is probably in the top few reasons why a person would hate being single. That moment when you’re laid up in bed with a fever, but with no one to fetch you a tissue, or bring you some sustenance in bed, or brew you some tea, or go to the pharmacy and get you some much-needed medicine. Just listing it sounds terrible.

Mina is sick, and there’s just nothing better for the soul and the body than being pampered while you’re sick I think. I look back on my childhood and while it wasn’t perfect, I remember being taken care of when I was sick. I got the works. All my comfort foods, which even if disappointingly bland-tasting due to my compromised sense of smell, still excited me. I had pork chops, fried chicken, soups, crackers and my favorite soda brought to me in bed when I was sick. In fact, I looked forward to my “sick” meals so much, it wasn’t such a terrible thing for me to be laid up in bed.

I think I overdo it on catering to Mina when she’s sick, but that’s on purpose. I want her to look back on these days and just feel loved. My husband has related to me how terrible it was for him to be sick before he met me. With his family all in Morocco, and no friends he truly trusted, he was left to fend for himself. what a lonely feeling. I always keep that story in mind whenever I have to care for our daughter.

So she got pastas, chicken nuggets which are her favorite, chicken noodle soup, lots of water, and even my “healing juice” aka calamansi juice. This is how I presented the drink to her and it’s how she keeps referring to it. Hopefully, she’ll be all better soon.


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