A Spooktacular Halloween

My first year in Canada, I was 11 when Halloween came around. I remember how excited I was at the concept that all I had to do was go up to people’s houses, say “trick or treat” and get FREE candy. My brother and I had pillowcases for our bags, and boy, did we pillage the town for candy. During that time, you went trick-or-treating in the dark. In our particular neighborhood, some of the houses really went all out. It was such an exhilarating time to be a kid.  There was a bite in the air that meant Fall was here. A combination of the cold air, excitement, and who knows what else gave me a nose bleed at the tail end of our evening. It didn’t really slow me down. I made out like a bandit that night, and I never did get as much candy ever again.

Once home, my brother and I compared our stash. It’s a time-honored tradition between siblings and friends.

Our mother came to see what we were doing, saw our bags of candy and gasped.  She demanded to know where we got the candy. When we explained the concept of trick-or-treating, she didn’t believe us for a while 😀

In the Philippines now, Halloween is big. This delightful Western custom eventually made its way there. Down Under, it’s also slowly becoming a “thing”, though still not in the grand scale it is here.

And now, it’s Mina’s turn to be delighted. Here we are at downtown San Diego’s Little Italy.


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