Raising A Girly-Girl

Not sure what I’m doing here. I didn’t start painting my nails till I was in my mid-twenties. Pedicures only, as I knew the fingernail polish would chip off in a day and it would be a waste of money. I don’t know how to DO my hair. For decades I washed and air-dried. I didn’t even have a flat iron till 3.5 years ago, what with new motherhood wreaking havoc on my hair texture (went from straight to wavy and frizz-prone). I have been known to wear the same house outfit if I didn’t do anything sweaty in them for a couple days in a row. And my only daughter? She loves pink, frilly things, Disney princesses, getting her hair done, nail polish, skirts and dresses, sparkly, shiny, girly things! She changes her outfit a few times a day. She knows all the princesses even though she hasn’t even seen some of the movies these princesses are from.

Again, no idea what I’m doing.  I’m waiting for the day she figures out how to work with her curls, because I am still unsure.

Here’s what I found her doing one day after I left her alone for a few minutes. She climbed the cabinets to reach the higher shelves I hid them suckers in.


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