Wine, Dine, and Lie-ins

After 11 years of being together, and 8 years of marriage, I’m a lucky person to say that hubs and I still enjoy each other’s company. Scratch that. It’s not pure luck. We’ve worked hard at it. My philosophy on love and marriage is that it’s a verb. I did a guest post a while back on Toni’s website, and my philosophy is explained there in detail. Marriage takes hard work, and we’ve both worked hard at it. At the end of the day, we like each other’s company, we trust each other, and we have lots of fun. The compromises are worth it, I guess.

We’ve both been independent for 11 months while he was deployed. We’re re-discovering what having to take another person into account is like. But trips like these help with that. Strolling through a Farmer’s Market in a brand new town, eating 5 course meals, eating street food, couples massages (holy crap, they are awesome!), and having an abundance of wine; they all help ease the transition. We’re in San Diego wine country, and I’m discovering that my tolerance for alcohol CAN be stretched.

Here are some pictures. I can’t tell whether they are good or not. I took most of them while tipsy.

We go home tomorrow.



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