New Images: Out and About On Christmas

Putting up the Christmas tree, Christmas movies, hot cocoa, Christmas plays, baking Christmas cookies and bread, holiday get-togethers, holiday crafts, cooler weather, soft leather boots, and scarves wrapped triple time around your neck, warming your hands with your breath, snuggling under the covers….These are the things that makes this holiday season special for me.

Notice I didn’t mention gifts once. As I’ve gotten older, it’s gotten less important. Nobody needs to give me anything, although I still like to give gifts. I just don’t like stressing over giving “the perfect gift”. Giving the perfect gift usually excludes having a budget, and I have a budget. Just forget all that. So much more to enjoy this season. Like holiday pictures!




  1. I agree with you, Tin. For the first time, there really isn’t anything I want this Christmas. I’m surprised I didn’t have a gadget I’m coveting! I guess once you have kids, their happiness and health is all that matters. Have a merry Christmas and a fabulous new year. 🙂

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