Coffee or Tea?

Coffee or Tea? I’m not much of a fan of either but if I had to choose to give one up, I’d give up coffee. I love green tea. When I met my Moroccan husband, who grew up being really into Asians, he was really baffled at how much difference there was between a Filipino’s Asian-ness, and other Asians. Most of what he knew of Asians pointed to us as an ethnic group loving tea. But that’s not really the case with Filipinos, is it?

Hubs however, is very much into tea. And Moroccans in general are into tea as well. Sweet mint tea. Tea so sweet you’ll get diabetes getting a whiff of it. It’s good, but I prefer my tea green. Green tea without sugar, lemon, or anything else. Just how the Chinese and Japanese drink it. Not that I won’t drink any other kind. And not that I won’t drink coffee, but there’s something very cleansing about drinking pure green tea. It is an antioxidant, and hardly any calories. I don’t feel gassy, bloated, full after I drink green tea.

I could wax poetic about teas some more, but I really just wanted to write this to post to have an excuse to use this new Christmas lights bokeh shot. 🙂



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