Welcome 2012!

We moved. Between Christmas and New Year’s. Does that sound insane? Cause to me it sounds insane.

Because my husband we were in such a hurry to get to our new place, we didn’t even get our Internet hooked up. Or our cable. It’s still not hooked up. So yea, I’m slowly going crazy.

I’m borrowing family Wifi right now though, and writing this post, and looking back to a year that was filled with so much. If 2011 was a suitcase, I would have paid excess baggage fees, and have to take out some stuff in order for it to fit their containers. So many things happened, most behind the scenes. So many emotions were felt, some in front of you all, and others not quite for public consumption. Important goals on my 1 Year Plan, was crossed off: Graduate, Pass NCLEX, Get a nursing job. One goal off my 3 Year Plan was even crossed off: Get into my dream field of Labor and Delivery. I’m in! I start orientation the 12th.

But that was then, and this is now: 2012.

This year Mina turns 5 and enters Kindergarten.

This year I leave my student life for a while.

This year I have my husband back and what kind of adventures are lurking around the corner for us?

This year, I get to enjoy my husband’s cooking again. He’s cooking is as good as I remember.

This year, I would like to finally take Mina to Morocco.

This year, I’d like to finally visit Paris.

So many things to look forward to. And it’s all supposed to fit in a year.

To wrap this up, I wish to greet you all a fantastic 2012, filled with all your hopes, dreams, and happiness coming true. And I leave you with a picture of my growing girl helping me fold the laundry. Seriously, who gave her some Grow-Like-Weeds potion?! The pictures are at our new place, where she’s enjoys her new bunk bed and room so much she has officially ended co-sleeping with us. This was taken with my new Christmas present, a SpeedLite.



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