PC versus Mac and Musing On Others’ Opinions

I mused out loud this week that I am thinking of giving up my earlier resolve not to buy a Mac. Its exorbitant price was a turn-off initially. I thought, hey I could buy two adequate PC’s with one price of the MacBook if I really needed, and just back up my stuff.

But two virus attacks later, (even though I had an antivirus installed) and I’m eating my words. When you live and breathe your life into one machine and it slows to a crawl, it affects you. It’s not just in terms of money because even then, the price may still be less than what you spend on an Apple computer. It affects you in terms of time too. It delays projects you have lined up (or shows you want to stream!), it takes time and increasing frustration to isolate the problem, fix it, or re-image your hard drive and get all your files back on it to get it to your specific working condition.

The truth of the matter is the Mac has a small slice into the home computer pie. It’s a beautiful machine that’s much hyped about but its market penetration is tiny. Therefore hackers who write viruses don’t bother writing one for Macs as often, because it doesn’t yield as many victims. At this point, I just want viruses to stop delaying the enjoyment I get from my machine.

Will a Mac solve all virus problems? I doubt it. But I’ve lost so much of my love for PCs and have become enamored with the reviews of Macs by people I trust that I want to give it a chance.

When I mused out loud like I mentioned, I got a comment asking me “not to conform”. The message I got was that Apple computers were all cool no substance.

I was prompted to write this post because I’m especially proud to be a person who takes ownership of my decision. They are mine to make and I make important ones with thought.

Just like a PC, a Mac serves a need. It wouldn’t exist otherwise. And for now a Mac is what I want and need. It has nothing to do with conformity and has nothing to do with wanting to be like one of the cool kids.

So now the final question is, MacBook or Mac mini? 😉



  1. I have a Macbook so I say go with that but the Mac Mini has come a long way and it’s great because if you already have a monitor and a mouse, you don’t need anything else. I know there are still skeptics out there with Macs. However, I’ve used Macs for about 7 years now and I will never go back. I’ve downloaded music, movies, etc and I have NEVER gotten a virus. I’ve gone to questionable websites and I never had any issues with it. I don’t think my Macs ever crashed as bad as a PC. Actually, I don’t remember my Macs crashing at all. So yes, having used both a PC and a Mac, I would definitely stick with the Mac.

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