A Day Around Town

Mina is an only child. I want to follow her up but discussion after discussion, my husband and I come to the conclusion that we should wait. We have certain measurable goals that must happen before we have another. I don’t want to wait, but that is the decision for now. So I like to schedule playdates with Mina. She has plenty of friends from ballet and school. The school kids she sees outside of their learning environment during birthday parties usually. The ballet kids are the one she usually has playdates with. This was a playdate with one of her ballet friends.

After lunch we all headed to the water fountain by the food court, where the kids usually shed their clothing, and run around dancing with the water coming out in spurts.

After that we had ice cream at the food court. My baby girl looked so big at the counter waiting patiently for her ice cream of choice.

We ended the playmate at a nearby bookstore. Maybe she won’t remember this day. It was a great day but she is four, so she may forget. But I have pictures of her smiling a mile a minute.


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