A Suburban Adventure

A really great Saturday. We went to a San Diego gem, Carnita’s Snack Shack. Hubs had a pork sandwich, I had carnitas tacos, beet terrine, season fries, corn slaw Coke with real sugar in a glass bottle. Then I tried their bacon brittle ice cream sandwich. It was…ok. But it wasn’t bacon’s fault. t still love bacon!

Here’s a picture of the snack shack at another visit. It looks like a hole in the wall from the front, but it’s an A+ dining location from the menu.

And here’s my bacon ice cream sandwich from tonight.

After that we decided to have a little adventure. We went home, got our jackets on and grabbed our flashlights and had a little walk in the park with our flashlights to lead the way. I wanted to capture that feeling for Mina AND for me, of being up and out way past her bedtime, of experiencing the exhilaration of being out after dark, enjoying the stars peeking through the clouds. Mina saw a question mark pattern formed by the twinkling sky gems and I had a feeling of being young again. An adventure in the suburbs. It’s not movie quality adventure, and it’s pretty tame by any urban standards, but it’s our little adventure. And most importantly, we had fun.




  1. Bacon ice cream sandwich? Interesting combo. Was it sweet and salty? I’m not sure if it’s something I’d buy for myself but if someone buys it, I’d be willing to taste it. hahaha..

    • It was NOT good. The sandwich part sucked lol. The ice cream part had bacon bits in it which wasn’t too bad.

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