Sleep in Peace

Do you remember sleeping like the dead? Do you remember sleeping like a baby, like a child, like a lazy teenager? For a lot of people it’s a distant memory.

My daughter is a bit grown now, and she lets us sleep in, but I do remember (vaguely – it’s amazing how that tumultuous period goes hazy) the sleepless nights when she was an infant. Now I’m back to sleeping a lot once my late nights catch up with me, and napping too. I am blessed that way. For those who suffer from sleepless nights try sleeping tea, meditation, avoiding late exercise, reading in bed, counting backwards, Benadryl, Ambien 🙂

Sometimes, all you need is a good night’s rest and plenty of naps.


One comment

  1. I can still remember our conversations regarding our kids’ sleep when they were little. Remember that? You’re right though, it seems like a distant memory. However, Aria is a good sleeper in general but with her trying to master certain skills and teething, I don’t get good sleep once in awhile. At least this time around, I know it’s only temporary.

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