Here’s to 5

Well, there she is, all of 5 years old. Sassy, doesn’t take no for an answer easily, brand new kindergartener who brings weekly notes from school about being too social and not listening. We’re doing our best, giving her consequences and all that. My parents got notes about how awesome I was from school so I’m baffled as to where she gets her rambunctiousness from…oh wait, there’s another person who donated 50% of her genes! Let’s blame him! 😛

Kidding aside, this is a fun age. At home, aside from needing a lot of explanations (why? why this, why that, why why..” we’re at that phase), she’s pretty easy-going and really really fun to be with. My little jokester. My little meener beener. Our princess ninja. She’s a doll and a thorn on my backside at the same time. And we love her. Here she is at 5 years old. And just for contrast, you can see her at the same museum 2 years ago. . Father Time is the busiest of thieves.


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