Morocco Travel Diaries: Arrival in Rabat

Our travel time from our origin point of San Diego included a drive to LAX which saved us several hundred dollars. Several hundred dollars of cost I’ll be glad to eat the next time we do this, for the convenience of flying from our local airport. We arrived in Rabat, which has a beautiful and relatively calm airport. The only problem was hubs’ missing luggage. It was a good thing mine, which contained Mina’s clothes as well, made it. After a long time figuring out how to get a voucher for the missing luggage, we finally came out into the general lobby, where my sister in law, Houda, was one of the last few people waiting on us.

It was so nice to reunite with her, nicer still to see her reunite with her brother. Best of all was seeing her embrace her niece excitedly for the first time. Five and a half and it would be her first time being met by her father’s family. Distance sucks.

We spilled out into Rabat which was sunny, with a mild temperature. Houda asked if I preferred a straight route or the long and scenic route to the apartment in the city. You can guess which one I chose. I readied my camera as Arabic music (peppered with French music and Gangnam style song) blasted from my sis-in-law’s car, and the sights of Rabat came into view.

Morocco Day 1 2013-2
Morocco Day 1 2013-3
Morocco Day 1 2013-5Morocco Day 1 2013-7
Morocco Day 1 2013-6

Soon enough we arrived in Temara (neighboring city of Rabat) where my in laws had an apartment. I witnessed the best reunion and the best first meeting. My in laws were over the moon at meeting Mina. They were ecstatic at seeing my husband again, and about seeing me again after ten years. TEN. YEARS. Hopefully, our next meeting won’t take as long to happen.

Morocco Day 1 2013-8

Morocco Day 1 2013-10

Morocco Day 1 2013-12

Morocco Day 1 2013-14

Morocco Day 1 2013-15

Morocco Day 1 2013-29

After a while, I took the opportunity to snap some pictures of my in-laws’ apartment. The living room, in any Moroccan home, is the most beautiful of all. This is where guests of honor gather. Meals are usually around the big round table and you eat family-style, with your hands. Yes, your hands. You’re given a fork and your own plate as an option most times, but sometimes not. If you are a germa-phone, just grab your food before anyone, because everyone else will dig in. My in-laws made sure to display a pic of me and Woody at our wedding, and a baby pic of Mina next to her cousins’ baby pics.

Morocco Day 1 2013-17

Morocco Day 1 2013-23

Morocco Day 1 2013-18

Morocco Day 1 2013-19

Morocco Day 1 2013-20

Sometime during the afternoon, my father-in-law went to pray. He’s a strict muslim, and observing the call to prayer is one of the things he follows. My husband Woody, came to us in another room, amused. It seemed like Mina was praying with him.

Morocco Day 1 2013-24

Morocco Day 1 2013-27

Morocco Day 1 2013-26

We slept late. Woody and Mina took melatonin and drifted off to sleep with no problems. I took none, and had no problems sleeping as well. It was a full day. It was a good day.



    • Oh you will enjoy it, I’m sure. Just to share my favorite city, I liked Marrakech best of all, don’t know if you had time to visit it, but if you do, go! ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Love the pictures and the narrative! I teared up at the pic of Woody and his dad embracing, that’s a beautiful photo. And I think that Mina’s grandparents are mighty fond of their darling granddaughter!

    • It was a great capture. Woody visited his family two years ago, before he was deployed. But still, distance sucks.

  2. It sounds like you had a great reunion!! I can’t wait to hear more, especially your jaunt to Paris. About saving money to travel to LAX, Ed and I did something similar. When we went to Europe (before kids), we drove from Sac to SF because it was cheaper to fly from SFO than SMF. We won’t do that again. We almost missed our flight and had to deal with the bad traffic going to the Bay Area. I agree with you that sometimes paying more money is definitely the better (and easier) route when it comes to travel.

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