Morocco Travel Diaries: Marrakech 2

The tourism industry is booming, and there’s real growth in Marrakech. You can see it in the influx of people who are coming for both leisure and jobs in the city. Many of my husband’s relatives elected to buy their apartments here, and I can see why. Although very traditional in its vibe, the new developments looked organized and clean. The shops abounded, the resorts were aplenty. And we were ahaving fun 😛

We had a few visits with family including Woody’s aunt. His Tata Z worked abroad in the hospitality industry, and currently works in one of the big hotels in the city. Her apartment was the epitome of chic and I commented that her living room looked like the lobby of a hotel. And it was with Tata Z that we finally had some alcohol in Morocco. Yes! People drink in Morocco. Their supermarket had a huge alcoholic beverage section. I keep forgetting that Morocco is actually a very progressive country, comparatively. We had Moroccan wine and a white rosé. Delicious. We ate a lot, we lounged a lot. It was the most relaxing period of the trip. Here are pictures of our resort, and of scenes from socializing around meals and visits.

Marrakech 2-26

Marrakech 2-27

Marrakech 2-28

Marrakech 2-30

Marrakech 2-33

Marrakech 2-26-2

Marrakech 2-41

This was our typical breakfast. We usually had lots of bread but most of them were whole wheat, or made from semolina, dates, figs, fresh juices, tea, cheese and nutella, hot cocoa, mortadella, honey.

Marrakech 2-39

Marrakech 2-40

Marrakech 2-61

Marrakech 2-60

Here are some pictures that don’t do justice to the decor of the homes I visited, and to the tastyness of the foods we ate:

Marrakech 2-37

Marrakech 2-38

I have dozens of pictures of ceilings. In hotels, in homes, in regular buildings the ceilng were often testament to gorgeous craftmanship.

Marrakech 2-36

Marrakech 2-62

Lake Takerkoust

And now we take a little detour to Lake Takerkoust. Takerkoust is a little ways away from where our resort was. We drove there on a drizzly, windy, gray day. I didn’t know what to expect. On our way there, we drove on a barely two-lane road hugging the edge of the earth, and then suddenly the hills opened up, and this stunningly moody, picturesque lake appeared. Mina rode a donkey, that brave little girl. I watched my husband and his sisters and brother chase each other like little kids in the grass.

Marrakech 2-42

Marrakech 2-43

Marrakech 2-45

Marrakech 2-44

Marrakech 2-47

Marrakech 2-48

Marrakech 2-50

Marrakech 2-52

Marrakech 2-54

Marrakech 2-57

Marrakech 2-58

Marrakech 2-59

Marrakech 2-56

Marrakech 2-55

There are so many more moments, and events not pictured here. But at times I just decided to leave my camera at home and soak up what was happening around me.

Next time, I’ll show you the countryside and my Father in-law’s wild, organic garden.



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