Christmas Is In The Air!

(We shall not speak about my failed NaPhoPoMo attempt…sssshhhh! I said we shall not speak of it!)

Christmas is my favorite season and if I have anything to do with it, it will be Mina’s favorite season too. Watch out for December postings here full of Christmas cheer. Like these:

All taken at Sea World, where our family is taking full advantage of our season pass. It has been so worth it, we should probably get our 2014 pass soon. When I was new to San Diego it was so hard to get that Christmas feeling, what with the weather being so warm and all. In Texas, by November/December, you finally feel the chill. Snow is even a possibility. But here in San Diego? Well, even now we’re looking at highs of upper 60s in Fahrenheit.

Now that I’ve been here a few years, I’ve grown accustomed and appreciative of the warmer climate. And I have a few tricks up my sleeve to feel the holiday cheer. I line up a lot of Christmas things-to-do to get into the season. Going to Sea World is part of it. I love amusements parks that go all out!














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